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•   Steve Day  6/17
•   Susan Bass (Chesterfield)  3/23
•   Dave Luttinen  3/18
•   James Lukehart  3/15
•   Victoria Sheppard (Rice)  3/13
•   Murray McKinney  3/12
•   Kristi Merrill (Anderton)  10/31
•   Steven Miller  10/23
•   Gail Hathaway (Wickre)  7/6
•   Beverly Bunner (Keyes)  3/9
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•   Mark Otterby  7/21
•   John Huffine  7/22
•   Cissy Leask (Leask)  7/22
•   Sue Bushnell (Lidston)  7/27
•   Daniel Hanson  7/27
•   Carolyn Rodger (Stegall)  7/27
•   Steven Berg  8/1
•   Rick Jorgenson  8/2
•   Arnie Kvarnberg  8/3
•   Craig Daly  8/4
•   Molly May (Carroll)  8/5
•   Glenn Miller  8/8
•   Glen Holmes  8/12
•   Stephen Hancock  8/13
•   Gregory Rasmussen  8/17

Welcome to the

Ingraham High School 

Class of 1971

What you'll see:

  • Classmate profiles are created when you add your contact information. You have choices about how much information to include and privacy.

  • *Please* include your email address and mailing address. We use that to contact you about Reunions and Class Parties. It reduces class costs to be able to email you through this site. Classmates on the website are prioritized to receive information FIRST. 

  • Your data is not shared with anyone.

  • The site considers classmates "missing" until a profile is created/contact information is entered. The classmates that we really can't find are listed on the "We're Out of Touch" tab to the left. We have been trying to locate many of these classmates since the 30 year reunion or earlier. We have made a decision to quit looking for 'lost classmates' after the 50th. 

  • Please read the "First Time Visitors" information.

  • Deceased classmate information has been added, by year. If you have information about additional deceased classmates, please contact us at
























You can donate all year long! We'll use the donations for the 50th, future Class Parties or to aid Classmates who need assistance with the ticket price! Please use the link on the left navigation pane or send a check made payable to "Ingraham Class of 1971" to:

Brenda Brown, PO Box 1063, Lynnwood, WA 98046-1063