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•   James Hanson  10/3
•   Bill Rehm  9/10
•   Nora McGee (McGee)  9/5
•   Gregory Morris  9/3
•   Steven Rohrbach  9/3
•   Jonathan Mark Viars  9/1
•   Brian Higgins  8/29
•   Kristy McKay  8/27
•   Carolyn Price  8/11
•   Richard Porter  8/10
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•   Valerie Birch (Merk)  10/10
•   Eric Solem  10/13
•   Diana McPhee (Wanichek)  10/14
•   Don Bowman  10/16
•   Rocky Fridell  10/16
•   Donald Samuelsen  10/16
•   James Hanson  10/24
•   Randy Johnson  10/31
•   Carolyn Price  11/2

Welcome to the

Ingraham High School 

Class of 1971

What you'll see:

  • Classmate profiles are created when you add your contact information. You have choices about how much information to include and privacy.

  • *Please* include your email address and mailing address. We use that to contact you about Reunions and Class Parties. It reduces class costs to be able to email you through this site. Classmates on the website are prioritized to receive information FIRST. 

  • Your data is not shared with anyone.

  • The site considers classmates "missing" until a profile is created/contact information is entered. The classmates that we really can't find are listed on the "We're Out of Touch" tab to the left. We have been trying to locate many of these classmates since the 30 year reunion or earlier. We have made a decision to quit looking for 'lost classmates' after the 50th. 

  • Please read the "First Time Visitors" information.

  • Deceased classmate information has been added, by year. If you have information about additional deceased classmates, please contact us at



















10-3-2022: Reunion Photos: 

Hi Classmates: Uploading and tagging the photos is a long and tedious process. At this point, there is a XX by your name only because I need to circle back and tag you. I probably know who you are and just haven't had a chance to tag you yet. Thanks for your patience. 

I know that Whitman photos need to be added - technical issues. 

I think the following tagging is complete; let me know if that is incorrect:

  • Christ the King
  • Oak Lake
  • Olympic View
  • Greenwood
  • Whittier
  • Allen
  • Pinehurst
  • Sue, Kristy, Brenda Photos

If you have the time, please send me the names of anyone tagged with "XX" and tell me which gallery (e.g. - "Christ the King Elementary"). Thanks! 

If anyone has photos on their phone they would like to contribute, please contact me at


We have classmates interested in restarting the lunches. Is there someone interested in owning the co-ordination?




You can donate all year long! We'll use the donations for the 50th, future Class Parties or to aid Classmates who need assistance with the ticket price! Please use the link on the left navigation pane or send a check made payable to "Ingraham Class of 1971" to:

Anne Proffitt, 1900 Shore Ave, Freeland, WA 98249