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•   Patricia Casey  8/3
•   Rhoda Dobrasz (Gilbert)  8/1
•   Constance Willey (Gooding)  8/1
•   Valerie Birch (Merk)  8/1
•   Mike Abdo  8/1
•   Brian Higgins  7/27
•   Chuck Koshi  7/27
•   Mark Hammarlund  7/25
•   Mark Otterby  7/22
•   Ralph Nord  7/21
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•   Glenn Miller  8/8
•   Dave Luttinen  8/9
•   Glen Holmes  8/12
•   Stephen Hancock  8/13
•   Gregory Rasmussen  8/17
•   Jerry Gallaher  8/22
•   Tony Sundberg  8/26
•   Andrea Lilleness (Takahashi)  9/2
•   Cindy Roden (Goodloe)  9/4 to the

Ingraham High School 

Class of 1971

What you'll see:

  • Classmate profiles are created when you add your contact information. You have choices about how much information to include and privacy.

  • *Please* include your email address and mailing address. We use that to contact you about Reunions and Class Parties. It reduces class costs to be able to email you through this site. Classmates on the website are prioritized to receive information FIRST. 

  • Your data is not shared with anyone.

  • The site considers classmates "missing" until a profile is created/contact information is entered. The classmates that we really can't find are listed on the "We're Out of Touch" tab to the left. We have been trying to locate many of these classmates since the 30 year reunion or earlier. We have made a decision to quit looking for 'lost classmates' after the 50th. 

  • Please read the "First Time Visitors" information.

  • Deceased classmate information has been added, by year. If you have information about additional deceased classmates, please contact us at























The beat goes on, the beat goes on

Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain
La de da de de, la de da de da

Charleston was once the rage, uh huh
History has turned the page, uh huh
The miniskirt's the current thing, uh huh
Teenybopper is our newborn king, uh huh

We had some really fancy-ass, fun words to send out to you this week. 

There were three classmates we discovered over the last week that passed away.

Our high school experience and your earlier school experience, these people are your tribe, it is a part of who we all are today. You may have experienced crap and cliques in school, at the 50th, it is gone. 

Come and celebrate your aliveness with the people you grew up with ...will you have another opportunity to get together and remember with them again?

The beat goes on and on and on...

We have heard that a couple of classmates may need a few more days ... we need to turn in our catering count. Please purchase your tickets no later than August 9th. 

To purchase your tickets:

  • Via credit card on the class website -
  • First tab on the left on the website "50th Reunion - Purchase Tickets"
  • You can send a check to Anne Proffitt, payable to "Ingraham Class of 1971". Mail to 1900 Shore Avenue, Freeland, WA 98249

(We have tried to deselect everyone who is attending or RSVP'd "NO"so that you don't receive these communications. It is a manual process. If we accidentally included you, our apologies.) 


Your Reunion Core Team: 

Brenda Brown

Sue Bushnell Lidston

Dan Hanson

Anne Hoffman Proffitt

Randy Hughes


Contact Us:



Classmates no longer with us: 

Class of 1971

Class of 1972



Bill Bjorklund 

Steven Allison  

Shellie Boucher (Boucher Hermans) 

Annetta Bartlow (Eliasen)  

John Budlong 

Christopher Bayer  

Ernie Buff 

Ruth Berven

Steve Burdick 

June Blomgren  

Brad Carlquist 

Susan Bornemeier (Cook)

(Joseph) Todd Chesley 

Lynna Cowan

Jack Davis 

Kenneth Eacrett 

Nicholas Dobrinen 

Diane Graham  

Pamela Ericksen (Bartlett) 

Jeff Gustafson  

Don Fletcher 

Ridge Hinkley  

Bob Goedecke

Mike Hooper  

Terry Gould 

Leonard Hopkins

Dave Gross 

Bruce Johnson  

Jeff Halverson 

Scott Keefer  

(Gilbert) Jack Hamilton 

Irv Leask  

Richard Healey 

John Malcomson

Randy Heiner 

Patricia Mankis  

Jerry Hubbard 

Barry Martin  

Tom Ingram 

Mark McLaughlin  

Andrea Jaeger 

Robert Metcalfe

William Jarman 

Debbie Nordahl (Ljunghammar)  

Bryan Johnson 

Carolyn O'Brien  

Judy Kinnunen 

Gilbert Pena  

Megann Knapp 

Mark Pollom  

Debbie Lay (Landis) 

Bruce Pratt  

Dennis Lindsay 

Daniel Proffitt  

Randy Mantyla 

Greg Reynolds  

Larry Mattei 

John Schmilski  

Ed McCauley 

Rick Scriven  

Casey Milroy 

Ron Sheff

Pat Moline 

Marilyn Shellrude (Christman)

Robert Mottley 

Diane Smith (Berg)  

Cyndi Nelson (Allen) 

Rick Spillum  

Lloyd Ness 

Wade Torsey  

Marcia Nolan 

Pat Urness

Gloria Nordsven (Keniston) 

Peter Vindedal  

Cindy O'Neal (Sundberg) 

Wes Walloch  

Shannon O'Toole 

Gerald Wesley  

Debbie Randall 

Wynn Wright  

Ingrid Rasmussen 


Jeff Rasmussen 


Mike Reynolds


Daniel Roussin 


Stephen Sawyer 


Richard Scarvie 


Sharon Schmitt 


Mark Smith 


Larry Southerland 


Paul Stephenson 


Robert Troeppl 


Rick Waddington 


























































































Joint Committees:

  • Co-Chairs – Anne Hoffman Proffitt and Terry Van Nostrand 
  • Covid Commissioner – ’71 – Dan Hanson
  • Communication and Marketing – ’71 Randy Hughes and ’72 James Hayden
  • Banking – ’71 Brenda Brown (Anne Back-up) and ’72 Terry Van Nostrand
  • Banquet – ’71 Sue Bushnell Lidston/Brenda Brown and ’72 Laurie McGuire
  • Greeter – ’71 Sue Bushnell Lidston/Brenda Brown (Anne Hoffman Proffitt will supply nametags) and ’72 Betsy Kruse (John Olsen will supply nametags)
  • Hotels – ’71 Dan Hanson and ’72 Terry Van Nostrand
  • Photos – ’71 Susan Bass Chesterfield/'71 Debbie Dickhaut-Moline/'71 Anne Proffitt
  • Memorabilia – ’71 Sue Bushnell Lidston
  • Cheerleaders – ’72 James Hayden
  • Web – ’71 Anne Proffitt and ‘72 Mike Pringle
  • Lanyard – ’71 Anne Proffitt


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  2. List of 1972 reunion attendees added in new Tab on left
  3. New Pandemic Tab added
  4. New "Reunion Attire" Tab added



Hello Rams! 

We need help in four areas:

  1. We need help finding classmates on the Lost List.
  2. We need people for the greeter table on August 27th.
  3. We need people for specific short-term committees. It will be fun! 

Thank you! 

Please reach out to Anne at either or 206-849-2777.


You can donate all year long! We'll use the donations for the 50th, future Class Parties or to aid Classmates who need assistance with the ticket price! Please use the link on the left navigation pane or send a check made payable to "Ingraham Class of 1971" to:

Anne Proffitt, 1900 Shore Ave, Freeland, WA 98249