In Memory

Megann Knapp

Megann Knapp

9-2023: We have not been to locate an obituary for Megann but Tim Walker was very helpful in providing additional information. 

Megann was born on December 5, 1952 and died at age 36 in Alameda, CA on August 19, 1989.

From Tim: "Megann was a free spirit who was kind, thoughtful, quirky, and superstitious. Meg was a big believer in Astrology, Tarot cards, and daily Horoscopes. For a time she was in a relationship with Richard Healey '71.Tim, Richard and Megann had great times exploring downtown Seattle in her blue and white VW bus. Meg's feeling was that cutting class and spending time together was much more educational and fun than being at school."

Rest in peace, Megann.